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Equipping churches and local organizations to confront addiction and alcoholism worldwide.


Came to Believe Recovery Inc. is a value added organization that is dedicated to supporting the local recovery movement.

Our goal is to bring both traditional and non-traditional recovery partners to a global conversation of hope around proven recovery solutions by partnering with a network of local, independently run recovery retreats as well as treatment centers, churches and community organizations that are working to address the growing addiction epidemic worldwide.

We have developed research and education initiatives that support the local recovery movement staying grounded in context while keeping invitation extremely high. Our outreach initiatives are centered on growing awareness and inviting the non-traditional partner to the recovery conversation.

Program Components

While the overall family component is called “Think Different” there are two phases that we have created to help people move through the restoration process: “Just Begin” and “Living in the Go”. It is important to note that this is designed to help people find “like” community that is walking a similar path. It also mirrors the phases that the addict and alcoholic will go through in their programs. All of the people in the Living in the Go phase have gone through the Just Begin phase, enabling them to be successful mentors, and small group leaders (with training). Each of these components are developed as context specific and are not a “one size fits all” program.

Just Begin

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” So just begin! We often see people paralyzed with fear and anxiety, completely lost as to the direction that they should take to help their loved ones recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. Where do you turn? What is the first step?

A key component of Just Begin is the creation of momentum and community. Restoration does not happen in isolation. As such we want to encourage people to begin to engage restorative community and relationships.

Living in the Go

Once someone has worked through the 12 steps, and engaged one complete cycle of the family component content they are ready to move on to the Living in the Go phase. This phase is about our maturation in a God centered worldview. It is during this phase that people begin to find that the restoration promises begin to come true in their lives.

A key component of Living in the Go is the “Go.” During the Just begin phase it is about the individual. Living in the Go is about going out into the community and sharing the experience, strength and hope that has been gained with others that are still suffering. Living in the Go is about living a life grounded in loving God and our neighbor by sharing our experience, strength and hope with those still suffering.

Developing a Team

Successful recovery does not ever happen in isolation. At Came to Believe Recovery we want to help you develop a team that will be the backbone of your recovery program. We provide initial training that will lay the groundwork for the team to begin practicing the “Living in the Go” mandate found in the Great Commission (Matthew 28) and Step 12. We provide the ongoing support necessary to equip the church to wrestle with the unique missiological issues that are found in trying to reach drug addicts, alcoholics and the tangibly broken.

Building a Customized Recovery Program

At Came to Believe Recovery we do not believe that there is a “one size fits all” recovery program that can be effectively utilized by churches and organizations worldwide. Context matters. We work with churches and organizations to determine “where you are” in your local community in regards to addiction and alcoholism while seeking to identify “where you are going”- what is the win for your organization? What can you hope to accomplish when engaging addiction locally and what are reasonable bench marks for tracking progress with your program? Finally we help you develop the nuts and bolts of the program- “how are you going to get there?” What is the methodology that you are going to use to combat the addiction problem on the various fronts?

Leadership Workshops

We provide leadership workshops in your home setting or at our facility that are designed to equip your core group to provide ongoing behavioral consulting with both families and individuals struggling to confront addiction. These are intensive one week programs that have a proven mix of education and content area interaction, leaving church leadership equipped to engage an ever changing addiction paradigm.


Addiction destroys families, leaving people feeling abandoned and powerless. We believe that the family has the potential to be the biggest lever for change that exists in combating the addiction epidemic. Our family program, called Think Different, is grounded in proven methodologies for educating the family in the core recovery concepts, facilitating boundaries development, and developing long-term sustainable engagement strategies.


Family Retreats

Came to Believe Recovery has been providing recovery retreats for over 50 years to those addicted and their families. We have several family retreats worldwide that are specifically designed empower the family with the tools necessary to engage addiction in a sustainable manner while minimizing the impact on the whole family.

Family Program Development

e are committed to helping local churches and organizations develop ongoing family programing that is designed to educate and support sustainable recovery for the entire family.


We provide ongoing consulting to churches and families worldwide through our network of trained addiction behavioral consultants as well as the training necessary to become an addiction behavioral consultant.


Volunteers are the backbone of the recovery community worldwide. Contact us today or attend one of our events to find out how you can become a part of the recovery movement.