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The Ride For Recovery is an ongoing effort designed to bring hopeful solutions to families and organizations that struggle to confront addiction and alcoholism in a sustainable and healthy manner. The Ride For Recovery initiative will stop in cities across the country to meet with key community, recovery and church leaders to build relationships and grow a global community of hope. In addition to our multi-day ride events we will be participating in many single day events throughout the year in an effort to continue growing a conversation and building hope on a local level. If you would like for us to come and speak or participate in an event in your area please contact us and let us know.

The Ride For Recovery is an initiative that has been developed by Came To Believe Recovery Inc. (CTBR), an organization that has been seeking to help people recover from addiction through a life changing 12 step experience since 1966. There are currently over 30 CTBR retreats worldwide, with the number expanding every year. The Ride For Recovery will be one of the primary vehicles for developing new retreat locations and creating new strategic partners in the effort to help people recover. We are undertaking an effort with the ride to launch one new three day retreat per year, as well as several one day 12 step workshops, over the next five years.

Volunteers have been the backbone of the CTBR retreats for the last 50 years. If you would like more information about attending a retreat, volunteering at a Ride For Recovery initiative or helping promote the recvoery effort worldwide please contact us through our Came To Believe website, the contact link on this site or at 678-755-1115.

Growing a Conversation of Hope

The next series of Ride For Recovery events will be held during SAMSA’s National Recovery month in September and during the first part of October.

*We will be partnering with local cycling organizations and teams in our Adopt a County initiative to ride a mile for each of the people that died of overdose death during 2016 in Georgia. You can help us cover the 3088 miles by adopting a county and riding those miles and then posting it to Facebook. Help us generate awareness and grow the global conversation by riding the miles that you already for a vital cause.

*We will cap off the month with a 640 mile ride that covers the entirety of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive on it’s way to Washington DC. The schedule can be found below. During this ride we hope to capture enough video and pictures to show what an amazing impact two people in recovery can have riding their bikes for an amazing cause.

*On October 8&9 we will be partnering with Mountainview High School and many local organizations to culminate our Adopt a County initiative with a 24 hour ride around a closed course. By doing this we hope to provide a way for

everyone in the family to become a part of raising awareness for the epidemic of addiction.

Adopt a County


1. Pick as many counties as you would like to adopt to ride miles for. All of the numbers represent the overdose deaths that occurred during 2016 in that specific county.

2. Ride the miles and send us an email at the link provided with the name of the county and the miles ridden or post a comment in the Facebook comments section below.


County Overdose Deaths County Overdose Deaths
Baldwin 11 Henry Aenean
Barrow Portalion Houston Aenean
Bartow Portalion Jackson Aenean
Bibb Portalion Jeff Davis Aenean
Bulloch Portalion Jones Aenean
County Overdose Deaths County Overdose Deaths
Butts Portalion Laurens Aenean
Camden Portalion Liberty Aenean
Caroll Portalion Lowndes Aenean
Catoosa Portalion Lumpkin Aenean
Chatham Portalion Madison Aenean
County Overdose Deaths County Overdose Deaths
Chatooga Portalion Meriwether Aenean
Cherokee Portalion Monroe Aenean
Clarke Portalion Murray Aenean
Clayton Portalion Muscogee Aenean
Cobb Portalion Newton Aenean
County Overdose Deaths County Overdose Deaths
Coffee Portalion Oconee Aenean
Colquitt Portalion Paulding Aenean
Coweta Portalion Pickens Aenean
Columbia Portalion Polk Aenean
Dawson Portalion Putnam Aenean
County Overdose Deaths County Overdose Deaths
Dekalb Portalion Rabun Aenean
Dougherty Portalion Richmond Aenean
Douglas Portalion Rockdale Aenean
Effingham Portalion Spalding Aenean
Elbert Portalion Stephens Aenean
County Overdose Deaths County Overdose Deaths
Emanuel Portalion Towns Aenean
Fannin Portalion Troup Aenean
Fayette Portalion Upson Aenean
Floyd Portalion Walker Aenean
Forsyth Portalion Walton Aenean
County Overdose Deaths County Overdose Deaths
Franklin Portalion Ware Aenean
Fulton Portalion Wayne Aenean
Gilmer Portalion White Aenean
Glynn Portalion Whitfield Aenean
Gordon Portalion
County Overdose Deaths
Gwinnette Portalion
Habersham Portalion
Hall Portalion
Haralson Portalion
Harris Portalion Total Deaths 3088

Affecting the addiction and alcoholism worldwide cannot be done without ongoing prayer. Faith is an integral part of recovery and we need your support in helping others find their unique faith path. Please click on the word "Prayer" and send us prayer.


We are developing a program where you can get sponsorship for the miles that you ride as means of supporting our ongoing recovery initiatives. If this is interesting please click on the word "Ride" and send us your contact information and we will send you all the details as soon as they are available.


Are you in recovery? Would you like to come on one of our rides with us as a support team member. These positions are great fun and open up amazing new community development opportunities. If you are interested please click on the word "Support" and let us know so that we can keep you informed about our next ride.


We have over 30 Came To Believe retreats in the US and UK combined. If you would like to attend a recovery retreat and take the 12 Steps like they were in the beginning please click on the word "Retreat."