YUConnects Dating and Relationship Specialist Referral List


 * This listing is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement of these therapists.
Relationship Building Specialists Contact Info
Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Reuven Boshnack (Brooklyn, NY) 347-762-0483
Ari Kornblit, PhD (Brooklyn, NY and Manhattan, NY) 212-721-4608
Dvorah Levy, LCSW (Brooklyn, NY and Five Towns, NY) 516-660-7157
Rabbi Yaakov Salomon, CSW (Brooklyn, NY) 718-258-7096
Five Towns, NY
Dr. Peryl Agishtein (Cedarhurst and Stony Brook, NY)

Elisheva Liss- marriage/family therapist (Far Rockaway, NY)



Esther Mann, LCSW and Jennifer Mann, LMSW (Five Towns, NY) 516-224-7779
Dr. Yael Muskat (Oceanside, NY) 646-457-0606
Robin Niman (Five Towns, NY) 516-418-2757
Shaya Ostrov (Far Rockaway, NY) 718-614-4715
Rachel Pill, LCSW (Five Towns, NY) 516-612-3787
Dr. Sara Reichman (Five Towns, NY) 516-884-2808
Aviva Lauren Rizel, MA, Licensed Marriage/Family Therapist (Five Towns, NY) 347-292-8482
Manhattan, NY
Dr. Rochelle Ausubel (YU Counseling Center) Wilf – 646-592-4200, Beren – 646-592-4210
Dr. Shmuel Brodsky, Psy.D. Manhattan (212-726-2390) Teaneck, NJ (201-406-3814)
Aidel Buchwald (Manhattan, NY) 212-362-6516
Dr. Oshra Cohen (Manhattan, NY and Teaneck, NJ) 305-851-5637
Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen, Esq, MS (Manhattan, NY) 347-374-0643
Martin Galla, LCSW (YU Counseling Center) Wilf – 646-592-4200, Beren – 646-592-4210
Dr. Beth Hait, MS, Life Coach (Manhattan and Washington Heights, NY) 646-413-1327
Naomi Klapper, MA, LMHC (Manhattan, NY) 201-362-1642
Dr. Dena Rabinowitz (Manhattan, NY) 212-873-0163
Dr. Naftali Reich (Manhattan, NY) 212-557-5634
Dr. David Rosemarin (Manhattan, NY) 646-837-5557
Shuli Sandler, PsyD (Manhattan, NY) 646-374-8543
Yocheved Schachter, CSW (Manhattan, NY) 212-873-1052
Cyla Steinmetz (Manhattan, NY) 212-851-8953
Miriam Wietschner (Manhattan, NY) 212-873-9082
Riverdale and Bronx, NY
Bella Hochberg, LCSW (Riverdale, NY) 718-549-8678
Dr. Adam Lynn (Bronx, NY)


Dr. Avi Muschel, Psy.D (Riverdale & Monsey, NY)

718-823-4864 (office), 646-234-7453 (cell)


Frieda Oelbaum, LCSW (Bronx, NY and West Hempstead, NY) 516-404-5646
Queens, NY
Rabbi Yaakov Adler, LCSW (Flushing, NY) 516-239-3303 & 718-575-0308
Dr. Sara Barris (Queens, NY) 718-544-0932
Pamela Klein- Intimacy & Relationship Therapist (Queens, NY) 917-375-2525
Dr. Josh Lamm (Hollis, NY) 718-217-7545
Rebecca S. Lamm, LCSW (Hollis, NY) 718-217-7545
Dr. Eric Pollak (Queens, NY) 718-440-7232
Dr. Marcy and Sylvan Schaffer (Queens, NY) 212-734-6456, 718-969-0549
Dr. Gila Schwerd (Queens, NY) 917-497-9864
Westchester and Spring Valley, NY
Rabbi Donny Frank, LMFT (Spring Valley, NY) 845-216-1614
Dr. Talia Hindin (Monsey, NY) 201-357-0559
Chana Juravel, LCSW (Spring Valley, NY) 845-709-2832
Dr. Yitzi Schechter (Monsey, NY) 845-425-7877
Dr. Neal Levy, MSW (Nyack, NY) 718-459-6325
Gila Zelinger (Spring Valley, NY) 845-354-1310
Teaneck, NJ
Dr. Hillel Becker (Teaneck, NJ) 212-280-3289
Dr. Steven Finkelstein (Teaneck, NJ) 201-774-0200
Dr. Resa Fogel (Montclair & Teaneck, NJ) 973-931-8696
Debby Fox, LCSW (Teaneck, NJ) 201-837-9090
Dr. Carol Glaser (Teaneck, NJ) 201-8338822
Dr. Michal Goldberg (Teaneck, NJ) 201-530-6528
Dr. Rena J. Goldin, PsyD (Teaneck, NJ) 201-725-7158
Dr. Leah Knapp (Teaneck, NJ) 201-362-5680
Dr. Evan Kroll (Teaneck, NJ) 201-357-2825
Dr. Alex Mondrow (Teaneck, NJ) 201-503-4803
Dr. Marc Staum, LCSW (Teaneck, NJ) 201-952-4436
Laura Turk, LMSW (Teaneck, NJ) 201-823-7933
Passaic County and West Orange, NJ
Fran Ackerman, LCSW (Highland Park, NJ) 732-828-0844
Dr. Miriam Adler (Passaic, NJ) 973-815-0777 x 201
Jeanne Lankin, LCSW (Highland Park, NJ) 609-395-8227
Rabbi Shmuel and Dr. Chani Maybruch (Passaic, NJ) 646-937-5264
Miranda Aaron, LCSW (Maplewood, NJ) 212-539-3672
Dr. Khaya Eisenberg (Livingston, NJ, Englewood, NJ, and Manhattan, NY) 973-533-1195 (Livingston), 347-404-3334 (Manhattan), 201-894-9011 (Englewood)
Rabbi Eliezer Zwickler, LCSW (West Orange, NJ) 973-975-7248
Sharon Zwickler, LCSW (West Orange, NJ) 973-975-7248
Los Angeles, CA
Marcia Teichman, MFT (Los Angeles, CA) 310-247-0085
Henderson, NV
Mr. Yitzi Bardos (Henderson, NV)- Skype sessions 702-703-4097
Dr. Sheri Bardos, PsyD (Henderson, NV)- Skype sessions 702-487-9169
Cleveland, OH
Dr. Alex Bailey (Cleveland, OH) 201-357-2277
Shalom Task Force Pre-Marital Workshops 212-742-1478
Relief Referral Network – Rabbi Orenstein or Babad 718-431-9501
YU/Stern Counseling Center (Manhattan, NY) Wilf – 646-592-4200, Beren – 646-592-4210



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