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Here at Came To Believe Recovery Inc., we are committed to supporting the existing retreat leader in carrying the message through the three day retreat as well as fostering new retreats, one-day step experiences and 12 step workshops.

We have provided a listing of the most common services that we can provide to help you lead a successful retreat. If you have a need that is not represented please contact us and let us work with you to develop a solution that is specific to your context.

We have provided a communication form that will allow us to best address your need. Please take the time to fill it out with as much detail as you can so that we can efficiently help you get your recovery experience running smoothly.

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2015 Leaders’ Summit for Came to Believe

Dear Came to Believers,

The first ever Summit was a great opportunity to work with retreat leaders from around the world to help design ways we can support local recovery work. We made friends with others who are called to lead retreats and we shared our retreat experience to develop best practices for all. The Big Book tells us that “we absolutely insist on enjoying life.” It is with this in mind that we came together to continue the work to grow that which has meant so much to all of us.

Those who attended the organizational Summit celebrate the progress made in the creation of Came To Believe Recovery, Inc. in the past year.  We continue to focus on creating a sustainable organization to stay true to the legacy of early A.A., continue the Clarence Snyder recovery message and assist retreat and outreach growth for future generations.

We plan to hold another meeting of all the folks involved in leadership roles in CTB retreats.  The date will be determined by results of a survey and progress in implementing the outcomes of the first Summit.  Likely around early 2017 and probably in the Atlanta area.

Current focus is on:

  • Who is CTB Recovery, Inc. and how can we add value to leaders’ experience with retreats? We’re committed to growth through collaboration.  None of us know as much as all of us.
  • Came to Believe Recovery Inc. as a service organization – supporting the needs of A.A. and the individual retreats
  • Team Development – Mentoring –
  • Using the digital tools to personally connect leaders.  (Videos, audios, links to other websites, retreat schedules, YouTube links, etc.)
  • Connecting the UK and USA and others — test how the internet expands our ability to grow and maintain community.

We eagerly invite all who are or wish to be involved in retreat leadership roles to join us. Please contact Nathan Smith for more information.

Looking toward the future together.

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For Retreat Information please phone or e-mail the pertinent retreat leader.

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North Wales Retreat

August 26 - August 28
N Wales – Liverpool Area – Flintshire
Pantasaph Retreat Center, Monastery Road
Pantasaph Hollywell, Flintshire CH8 8PE
0753 3643061
Sep 07

8th Annual Colorado Came To Believe Retreat

September 7 - September 9
Camp Solid Rock
Camp & Retreat Center
Florissant CO 80816
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Nov 02

The Leesburg CTB Team

November 2 - November 4
Life Enrichment Center
Leesburg FL 34731
United States
(352) 787-0313